Green Sky Media Helps Promote City of Carmel #31Bites Campaign

Green Sky Media runs their business out of a humble office space located off busy Route 31. However, if you’re from the Carmel, Indiana area you’re very aware of the massive construction project underway along this popular highway. The project started sometime in April (we’ve actually forgotten at this point, because it is really just a part of our daily lives now) and it is scheduled to end around late November (Thanksgiving actually) and this will be something we will all be giving thanks for.

While our business has little “walk-in” traffic, we know the construction has affected most of the retail locations and restaurants along the highway. In an effort to bring business back to this area, the City of Carmel has launched a social media campaign called #31Bites. This campaign asks for a pledge from the community to visit a retailer or restaurant along Route 31, each day for the 31 days of August. 

We think this campaign is a great idea and we wanted to help the residents of Carmel SEE the restaurants that they can patron in an effort to support them. We thought the best way to do this was to piggy-back on the #31Bites theme and do the video in 31 Seconds. What we do know is that in the world of video, 31 seconds is NOT very long. We weren’t able to feature every restaurant affected by the construction, however we still hope that the video helps bring awareness to support our local businesses.

#31Bites in 31 Seconds

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