images-1On Camera Talent

Clients often find themselves in a quandary when it comes to casting talent for their videos. Here’s the great debate, “hire actors or utilize employees?” Here are some things to consider when choosing your on-camera talent.  Not every video production firm is going to have the same opinion on this. As a matter of fact, not everyone in our office has the same opinion on this. What we can agree on are a few different points.

 You get what you pay for. Professional actors should provide anyone hiring them with existing work portfolios. These portfolios show examples of previous work and the actor’s capabilities. Choosing a professional actor may cost more money, however you will have a better idea of what your final video project is going to look like, far before filming begins.

 Employees don’t always mean actors. While your employees might know your company inside and out, upside down and every which way, that does NOT mean that he or she is comfortable in front of a camera. Nor does it mean, they want to be in front of a camera.

 Volunteers are appreciated. The level of one’s comfort in front of a camera is quite apparent when he/she volunteers to be in front of the camera rather than being required. We would never ask that you require your employees to be actors for a video. However, volunteering to be in front of the camera also does not mean that the person should be doing it for free “just because they are employees”. We suggest providing some sort of incentive or “thank you” gesture to whomever you get to be on-screen.

 Genuine and charismatic delivery wins. Regardless if the on-screen talent is hired, professional, amateur, volunteer, or your brother’s cousin’s best-friend’s neighbor. They need to be genuine and represent your company, your brand in the charismatic manner that your video demands.

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