You Look As Good As You Sound

Video Production has many key elements to make talent look their best, but there is one simple step that can make the production look more professional.  Makeup!  Whether you are using real people or actors, bad makeup can compete for attention and detract from the desired outcome.

Start with a clean face and prep with a light weight, oil-free moisturizer if the skin is dry.  Choosing the correct shade of foundation that blends perfectly with your natural skin tone is a must.  High definition foundation and powder is easily available and gives a natural looking, illuminating effect that is perfect for the camera.  Use concealer (one shade lighter that your skin) to touch up the under eye area, inner and outer corner of the eyes, around your nasal fold, and at the corners of the mouth.  You may also need concealing on age spots or blemishes.  Next, set everything with a powder that is the same color as your skin to complete your even canvas.

To prevent bright video lights from washing you out, apply a matte bronzer and blush.  Blend well when applying to achieve a beautiful glow of color.  Blush adds instant youth to any complexion.  For males, focus on removing shine from the face without changing the natural skin tone.  If the makeup looks obvious on a man then it was not applied correctly.  Bald heads are a common challenge so it’s crucial to apply powder to control shine. 

Eyebrows are a feature that are too often over looked and can frame your face and give the illusion of an instant eye lift.  For the look of immaculately groomed brows, brush upwards and outwards filling in any gaps and extending to the outer corner of the eye.  Color selection is essential to make eyes pop.  For example, blue eyes do not look bluer if you wear blue eye shadow.  Instead, choose the opposite color on the color wheel- bronze, brown, and gold shades compliment blue eyes.  Always apply eye makeup with brushes (not fingers or sponges) for a professional, blended finish.  A little eyeliner and mascara will pull the look together and brighten the eyes.   Apply a lip moisturizer if lips appear dry or chapped and find a happy balance of color to complete your look. 

Depending on the skin type, you may need to constantly touch up.  A little shine goes a long way and will be magnified by the camera.  Pay special attention to shiny cheeks and forehead that can create an unsightly glare.  Simply remove facial shine with blotting papers then touch up your talent with powder.  Removing the oil before applying powder will keep the makeup from getting cakey.  Faded lip color will need to be touched up also. 

For a video production shoot the makeup should appear natural and give that little touch to take the look from good to great!  Enhancing the talents features and giving a professional look will build their confidence and prepare for an excellent performance.

Tara Dumser

Makeup artist of 13 years


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