A few projects on our plate this week have us thinking about competition. Many people fear losing business to others in their industry, or worse, they wish for some sort of misfortune to happen to them. 

We’ve never quite understood this thinking. One of our biggest projects last year came from a similarly-sized production company based in Fort Wayne that needed help with a large contract. We keep in touch with these guys on a regular basis. We share best practices on gear, software, you name it. So when they needed help, we were a quick call away and ready to assist. We ended up making 40 videos for a Fortune 500 company as a result.

That story isn’t an outlier either. This week alone we are working closely with two other video producers to help make projects come to life. In one case we referred a shooter to a client when scheduling didn’t work out for us to be there. In the other case a producer reached out for help with After Effects graphics for a few corporate videos. Down the road we will also be working with another local shooter who will be supplying event footage for promo videos we are creating.

This isn’t to say we haven’t lost a bid or two to other local firms. We certainly have. But overall the existence of other production companies in our area has helped us grow. Whether it’s through shared knowledge or just providing backup when extra hands are needed, we see our competition’s success and the success of our industry. If they are doing well, then we should all be doing well. 

So we encourage you to join us in saying: Cheers to the competition!

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