After working with the GoPro camera on several video projects, I’ve come up with 3 quick tips for you to get the most out of your own GoPro.

First – this camera has almost too many setting choices.  So which is the right one to use?  Well that depends on what you’re shooting.  We found a great resource online to help you choose the right setting.  It has detailed explanations of the research behind the findings, as well as a summary guide for making quick decisions on location.  But keep in mind, this is one person’s opinion, so test it out for yourself and see what you think looks best.

Ok tip 2 – the GoPro app.  This app works really well for setting up your shots, but it does have a couple drawbacks.  Your GoPro must be wifi-enabled and when your wifi is on it will run through battery life faster, so keep that in mind.  One trick you can do is turn on wifi to set up your shot, then turn it off and let the camera roll.

Finally, as with any production, shot composition is very important.  One way to get very impressive GoPro footage is to have a foreground object to focus on.  This will help that object be clean and sharp, and will take attention away from the portions of the image with fast motion – which tends to look fuzzy once uploaded to YouTube.

If you have any questions about using your GoPro feel free to hit us up – we’re always up for geeking out over camera stuff!

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