Welcome to our Resources page! Here you will find various PDFs and other assets that will help you get the most out of your DIY Home Maintenance Video Library. Right click the PDF links below to save them to your computer.

Home Maintenance Social Media Resources:

Our DIY Video Library Usage Guide is a primer on social media in general, and your DIY videos in particular. Download it here:

     DIY Video Library Usage Guide [PDF]

The PDFs below have prewritten Facebook and Twitter posts for each video in the DIY Packages. Simply copy and paste the text from the PDF into your status, add the link to your YouTube video where it says “paste link“, and then share it with your audience!

     Package 1 Social Media Posts [PDF]

     Package 2 Social Media Posts [PDF]

     Package 3 Social Media Posts [PDF]

     Package 4 Social Media Posts [PDF]

     Package 5 Social Media Posts [PDF]

Thumbnails: Download the zip files below for thumbnails for each video. These are great for use in Constant Contact and other email platforms. Just include the thumbnail of the video in the body of your email and then link the image to your YouTube video:

     Package 1 Thumbnail JPGs.zip

Package 2 Thumbnail JPGs.zip

     Package 3 Thumbnail JPGs.zip
     Package 4 Thumbnail JPGs.zip

     Package 5 Thumbnail JPGs.zip

Thumbnails for Videos 1-50.zip

If you have any questions or suggestions, please give us a call!